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Date: Thursday 22nd December Name: Alan McPherson From: Belfast

Merry Christmas to all at KIPS.


Date: Tuesday 11th October Name: Stephanie  From: California

Hi - this message is all the way from California for my great niece Nicole Clegg. Nicole, keep up the good work and read, read, read whenever you can. Here's the thing - for the first three years at school you learn to read but then after that you read to learn - which is super important. You heard this from a librarian - and they know everything!


Date: Monday 1st August      Name: Leah          From: A Past Pupil of KIPS

Going to miss KIPS! :(


Date: Sunday 5th June         Name: Mia            From: A Pupil from KIPS

Hope the P7s had fun at prom last night with all of their suits and dresses.


Date: Saturday 5th March     Name:  Erin M      From: A Pupil from KIPS

This is a great school. I love it so much!