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Daisy's Story

Meet our newest pupil…… DAISY!


Daisy was recently pure white (not looking very well, in fact, a pit ‘peaky’, when she was delivered to us by a Michael Price from  the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice. Anyway, we decided to cheer her up.  So, our after schools club, ‘KIPS CARE’, set to work decorating.  Don’t you think they did a good job? On 16th June the whole school took part in a Sponsored Walk.  This went really well and we have collected, to date, a total of £1,758 for Daisy’s bucket. The following day, 17th June, our P5 held a Jumble Sale and a further £400 made its way to the collection bucket.  Sadly, on 24th June we had to say ‘Goodbye’ to Daisy and her valuable bucket.  We will miss her as we had become such close friends.  (Mrs Breen says that Daisy is the best cow she has ever met – very well behaved and no bother at all).


Now Daisy will be going on her travels to Ards Shopping Centre, stopping of at Bloomfield Shopping Centre and then onto Belfast City Airport. We do wish her all the best and hope that the bucket collection will continue to grow.


All cash raised goes to ‘Race Around Ireland’ for Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.


What a good cause!


Good-bye and good luck to our Daisy.