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Primary 3

Primary 3 is the first year of Key Stage 1.  Throughout the year we enjoy working/playing outside, maths trails, school trips, visitors into class and lots of games and activities to make all our learning fun.

In P3 we learn the numbers stories from ten to twenty. This helps us with our horizontal addition and subtraction. Some of our favourite topics are money, counting and odd and even numbers. We recently did an investigation to see how many ways we could make 10p with 1, 2 and 5p coins.

During our topic ‘Let's Celebrate' we learn about many different world festivals such as Halloween, Chinese New Year and Hanukkah. We write scary Halloween stories for our creative writing. We also make pumpkins and witches brooms during play. Also, during this topic we celebrate ourselves, and make party invitations, cards and hats. As part of this topic we enjoy a trip to Aunt Sandra's Sweet Shop. 

‘Bugs, Birds and Beasts’ is another of our favourite topics. P3 write reports on different types of animals. We also look at animal young and the collective nouns of animals. We go to Castle Espie to do a bug hunt and pond dip.

P3 love lots of construction and craft activities. We enjoy making clay models, masks and even our own puppets.