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Primary 5

Primary 5 love doing practical activities. We particularly enjoy playing games to reinforce maths concepts. Our favourites are The Nasty Game, Follow Me and Match Me.

Our computer room has 30 computers and during our English computer time we are able to work on a computer each. We love writing stories and are able to edit our work on screen. Very handy! (Saves us writing it out again!!)
As part of our in school ICT accreditation we have produce Photo Stories. We use sound recording and photographs to talk about Northern Ireland. P5 also produce powerpoints on space and show these to P2 (our audience). 

During our P5 year we complete four “World Around Us Topics”- Where I Live, World in Motion, Local Industries and Wonderful World. At the beginning of each topic we complete a planning page stating what we know and what we want to find out about our topic. We then make a display of this in our classroom. 

We all enjoy sports and take part in swimming lessons once a week from January to Easter. During our main PE lesson each week we have completed lessons on Dance, Gymnastics and mini hockey.  We also love music and art.