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Primary 6

In Primary Six we enjoy doing practical activities. We often carry out maths investigations to further our knowledge in the various topics that we study.  Every day we also build on our mental maths techniques and play lots of games to develop these skills. Some of the topics we look at in Numeracy include fractions, length, data handling, multiplying, dividing and working with time and money.

In Literacy we have looked at narrative writing and absolutely loved planning and writing our own fantasy stories. This gave Mr Ferguson some very exciting bedtime reading. We also enjoy looking into a number of topics in the “World Around Us". Our current topic is 'Journeys' and we are finding learning about the Vikings and Europe very exciting. At the beginning of each topic we complete a planning page stating what we know and what we want to find out about our topic. We then make a display of this in our classroom. 

We love doing sports and have swimming lessons every Thursday in the first term. During our main PE lessons each week we will also complete lessons on Cricket, Gymnastics and Dance.  We also enjoy our music and art sessions.