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School Vision

‘Learn to Love, Love to Learn’

School Vision

At Kircubbin Integrated Primary School we firmly believe that we all need to love and be loved.  Through core integrated principles of equality, faith and values, parental involvement and social responsibility we aim to ensure all within our school community are valued, respected and loved.  In learning to love, our children can love to learn and achieve their full potential.

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School Aims


At KIPS we aim to create a loving, happy and stimulating environment where pupils can learn effectively by…




  • Catering for the needs of each individual.


Faith and Values


  • Ensuring that people from all faiths and none, are respected, acknowledged and accepted as valued members of the school community through mutual understanding.

Parental Involvement


  • Effectively partnering with parents and the wider community in supporting our children.


Social Responsibility


  • developing a sense of responsibility and a belief that we can all make a positive difference with ourselves and others, locally, internationally and to the planet.

School Vision Rationale

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