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By setting homework we aim to :


  • Promote characteristics such as pride in achievement, initiative and self-confidence;
  • Foster links between home and school and teachers and parents;
  • Extend the learning environment and, in this way, provide further opportunities for enjoyable and educational experiences.

Homework is a means of :


  • Practising what is learnt in class;
  • Discovering information from outside sources;
  • Preparing for new work in school.


Nature of Homework


Homework is a balance of different types of activity. As well as formal work it will include collecting, observing, recording and various exploratory activities. The duration of homework will vary according to the nature of the task set and the ability and attention span of each child. The level of difficulty relates directly to the child's ability and activities are sufficiently open-ended to allow each child to work to his/her own potential. Homework is not confined to specific subjects but embraces all curricular areas.